8 Biggest Video Games Coming in February 2023 - Kryptronix

February is turning out to be an exciting month for gamers with a plethora of new releases. From magical worlds to hostile landscapes, players have a lot to choose from. To help narrow down the choices, here’s a round-up of February’s biggest game releases.

Deliver Us to Mars

Releasing February 2

It is an indie adventure game releasing on February 2nd for multiple platforms. This game takes place 10 years after the events of the first game, putting players in the shoes of an astronaut who travels to Mars after receiving a mysterious distress call. Players will have to solve puzzles and navigate the hostile Red planet while uncovering many mysteries.

Hogwarts Legacy

Releasing February 10

Another highly anticipated game is Hogwarts Legacy, releasing on February 10th for multiple platforms. This game promises to fulfill every Harry Potter fan’s dream, allowing players to attend Hogwarts themselves, explore the secret-filled grounds, and create their own character. Players will also get to investigate the wizarding world’s many mysteries while crafting potions, casting spells, and flying brooms.

Wanted: Dead

Releasing February 14

Releasing on February 14th for multiple platforms, is a hybrid slasher/shooter set in a cyberpunk world. Players take control of a cop in a dystopian Hong Kong who takes down enemies in the form of gangs, mercenaries, and private security forces. With a hack-and-slash style of combat, Wanted: Dead promises a thrilling cyberpunk adventure with a riveting storyline.

Wild Hearts

Releasing February 17

The game is releasing on February 17th for multiple platforms, is EA’s take on the monster-hunting genre, similar to Capcom’s Monster Hunter series. Players must fight giant beasts, called Kemono, who have fused with natural elements and can only be taken down with ancient technology. The game also features a dynamic crafting system, setting it apart from others in its genre.

Atomic Heart

Releasing February 21

It is an FPS that has been collecting comparisons to BioShock. Players take on the role of a Soviet special agent who must fight their way through what once was a utopia in an alternative-universe Soviet Union where robots and humans live in harmony until mutant robots begin a bloody rebellion against humanity.

Finally, Like a Dragon: Ishin!

Releasing February 21

Releasing on February 21st for multiple platforms, is a spinoff of the Like a Dragon series, formerly known as Yakuza in the West. Players take on the role of the legendary samurai Sakamoto Ryoma, who must find who killed his father and clear his name to restore honor, bringing an end to the samurai era in the process.

Sons of the Forest

Releasing February 23

Sons of the Forest is the highly-anticipated sequel to the hit survival game, The Forest. Players will once again be thrown into an open-world environment where they must use the resources around them to survive against deadly cannibals. This time, players will be on a mission to uncover the mystery of a missing billionaire on a remote island overrun by these flesh-eating enemies.
The game features a revamped AI system, making the cannibals more intelligent and challenging to outsmart. In addition, the map has been expanded four-fold, offering players an even larger playground to explore and scavenge for resources. Whether you’re a fan of the original game or a newcomer to the series, Sons of the Forest promises to be an immersive and thrilling survival experience.

Octopath Traveller II

Releasing February 24

As a gamer, I am beyond excited for Octopath Traveler II – the highly-anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed RPG series. This time around, players will be transported to the vast and diverse world of Solistia, where Eastern and Western cultures collide. The game offers even more depth and replayability with the option to begin the journey as one of eight unique travelers, each with their own backstory, abilities, and motivations. From the stunning HD-2D graphics to the expanded interactions between the main characters, Octopath Traveler II promises to take the series to new heights. I can’t wait to dive into this epic adventure and see where my chosen traveler takes me.

With such a wide variety of games releasing this month, players are spoilt for choice. Whether you’re a fan of magical worlds, cyberpunk worlds, or monster-hunting, there’s something for everyone.
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