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Are you a gaming geek or an aspiring professional gamer who want to discover the best monitors for gaming experiences? Let us help you figure out how the role of frame rate in determining a perfect gaming monitor for Marvellous gaming experience.

Although as a beginner or an amateur gaming professional, you might not be concerned about frame rates much but for High Grade games with top-notch graphics, frame rates become an essential want for gaming Professionals.

What is Frame Rate? Role of Frame Rate and FPS in Gaming and video experience

The frame rate is the frequency at which a sequence of successive frames or pictures can appear on a screen also called as the “update rate” or “burst rate.

The Frame rate is often uses FPS or Hz interchangeably as its measuring unit.

Frames Per Second (FPS) are typically used to quantify this frequency (fps). For instance, at 30 frames per second, 30 different pictures would show one after the other in succession in one second. Hertz or Hz on the other hand is referred to a rate of refresh or maximum FPS for a monitor.

Generally low FPS or frame rates lead to poor quality and motion display. However, synchronisation issues can also cause issues with your frame rate, making your monitor to malfunction.

Why FPS really matter?

When it comes to professional gamers involved in competitions where the entire gameplay is streaming online, Best Monitors with optimized FPS becomes a necessity as low FPS may result in glitches which often gives the opponents an advantage to see objects in detail more quickly. Cranky Glitches like these results in players or teams getting the bottom positions or even losing the game against the quality opponents using upgraded gears and high FPS monitor like that of a 240 Hz to even the latest with 360 Hz frame rate.

Since GPUs of higher configurations are used by gamers, the output processing and rendering of their system is faster than that of any normal end user. Hence, for no-tear no-lag output, the rate of frames or Hz for motion rendering must be closest to the rate of processing by GPU.

Best monitor for gaming PC

As we have discussed above, the optimum performance and motion requires the synchronization of GPU and monitor frame rates. It sounds conventional but answering to best monitor for a gaming PC in one line, it all depends on the budget of buyer and the GPU configuration of the PC.

Resolution helps in determining the monitor required. The technology market has changed so fast in last few years. At one time 720 pixels were the big thing in display that runs on 30 FPS. You might still came across this resolution and frame rate a lot in older systems.

But in today’s market, we have 1080p as the most used resolution across the world which is now shifting to 1440p. This will happen gradually but in next coming years. When we talk about frame rates, 1080p displays are mostly using 60 Hz and 1440p are using upto 120 Hz and some brands like MSI are offering upto 165 Hz for this resolution too which is one of the best affordable Gaminig Monitors in Rs. 30k.

Companies like Asus and Nvidia are coming with monitors upto 240 and even 360 Hz of Frame Rate

4K and 8K display Monitors for Gaming

4K motion display is becoming popular in cinematography world. But in gaming industry, less than 18% of people have access to 4k monitors and hence it seems a long way for 4K monitors to take over 1440p monitors. The need for a powerful graphic card for quality experience on 4K display monitor s a reason why 4K will take time to become that accessible to even pro gamers. But don’t worry, India’s favourite brand that build custom PC,  Kryptonics has a best monitor for gaming to have a 4k experience in a very economical price.

Taking into consideration the GPU requirements and affordability in a time when people are still going for 1440p monitors, 8K monitors are a kind of future thing.

Just checkout the top 3 1440p Gaming PC Monitors recommended by our experts:

  2. ASUS PROART DISPLAY PA278QV -₹32,900.00
  3. MSI OPTIX G273QF- 27 INCH GAMING MONITOR- ₹29,999.00