Most people try to get as much use as they can out of their computers because they cost a lot. The average time between replacements is about five years, but many people start having slowdowns and other problems with their PCs before then if they don’t buy a good one.

By default, you would go to a store to buy a ready-made PC, which may or may not have good parts. Usually, a person looks for things like how much space their hard drive has and how fast it can process information. They then compare these things to their budget, trying to find something close to what they want.

But there are many other things to think about when buying a new computer, which can make the difference between a system that works well for years and one that needs computer repairs after only a year or two.

custom gaming PC is an option that not many people think about. They might think that custom builds are “just for gamers” or that they must know how to put it together, but neither is true.

With the help of a custom gaming PC builder, you can get a computer with all the features you want in a home or business computer. You might be surprised at how cheap it is, especially considering that it will last longer and work better.

Custom Built Computers: Not Just for Gamers!

We use our computers for everything, from daily work to keeping track of household budgets to staying in touch with friends and family. It’s one of the most important things we use and rely heavily on every day, and when it doesn’t work as well as it should, it can affect our productivity and make us feel more stressed.

Here are some reasons you should consider getting a custom-built PC instead of buying one off the shelf:

Better Quality Parts

When your computer is built from scratch, you don’t have to use certain parts, even if some aren’t as good as you would like. Also, some PC makers have deals with some PC part makers, which means you have less choice regarding processors, graphics cards and other parts. With a custom-built computer, you can pick each part based on how well it works and is made. This means you get a better PC that will last longer and work better.

Save Money

Some people might think that having a PC built for them would cost more than buying a similar model from the manufacturer, but in many cases, you end up paying less for a better computer. This is because when you buy off the shelf, you often pay more for the brand name, and when you build your own, you have more choices for the parts. For example, a part made by a less well-known company might be just as good or even better than one made by a well-known company, but it would cost you less.

Better Warranties on Parts

Pre-built PCs usually come with a one-year guarantee covering everything inside the computer. When you have a PC specialist buy parts separately, you have the benefit of having a warranty for each item, which usually covers a longer period. Each part will have its warranty to fall back on.

Get Precisely the Features You Want

Do you deal with graphics and need a graphics card superior to that available in basic PCs? Alternatively, perhaps you use cloud storage and don’t require a huge hard disc. Whatever your computer requirements are, the PC pros can match them and construct a PC with the specific features you want, so you don’t have to settle for something that lacks some of the features you like or pay for things you don’t require. You’ll also be less likely to need to replace a computer as often if it isn’t up to the task at hand.

Flexibility for Expansion

People say those budget computers are harder to upgrade and add to. The PC builder wants to sell you as many computers as possible, so they will limit things like memory upgrades, making it harder for you to add more to your system when you need to. You can make a custom-built PC so that it is easy to upgrade in the future, whether you want to improve the graphics or add more memory.

What does your dream computer look like? It might cost less than the one you’re about to buy off the shelf. Kryptronix Gaming can help you design the perfect PC for better quality and a lower total cost of ownership.