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What comes to your mind when someone says the world is open?

The first thing that strikes your head is “limitless”. An endless world of possibilities with endless outcomes and infinite scenarios, freedom to do about anything at any given time, with between people, cities, continents, time, language and everything else that is possible. This may not be true to an extent in the real world but is definitely possible in the virtual world. This is exactly how open world games look and feel like. It feels like you can do about anything without the fear of real consequences.

An open world primarily refers to a particular game or a level in a game which is designed in a nonlinear structure, creating numerous open platforms with multiple ways to reach your objective. There are certain games in the world which are designed for both traditional and open-world levels. It gives the gamer something more to think about than any other linear game. 

In PC games, an open world allows access to a virtual world where a gamer can explore any kind of objectives freely. While many games in history have used open-world game designs since the early 80s, the world in Grand Theft Auto 3 is what transpired the true standard of this concept and everyone else just jumped onto the opportunity.

There are certain games that can never ever be omitted from the history of gaming. These games introduced us to so many possibilities and a world that could be customised as our own just like you can get a custom gaming pc from Kryptronix.

Today, we take a look at top 5 Open World Games of all time : Best experienced on a prebuilt gaming PC

  1. Watch Dogs 

Developed and published by Ubisoft, Watch Dogs is an open world game that realised its latest version in 2016. It is the second instalment in the series after the 2014 was given immense love and appreciation by the gaming word. Featuring a new protagonist, who is a hacker and also a member of a certain hacktivism group called DedSec. His primary aim is to take down a certain CTOS 2.0.

The gameplay has a complex storyline, some epic graphics, numerous possibilities and unique weapons. Its versatility is what puts it at the top of our chart.

  1. Far cry 

Before Ubisoft bagged the rights of this game, it belonged to Crytek, that developed it and realised the first game in 2004. This is another one of those master pieces that has numerous possibilities and at least 2 endings in every game. This game allows you to wander the wilderness as a player in a wild environment where you have to fight against one or more tyrants who control a particular region while surviving against wild animals that roam around in open areas.

  1. Read Dead Redemption 2 

This is a pure action packed adventure game developed and published by Rockstar Games in 2018. This is the third instalment in the series. The plot is set in the late 1800s around  the world of the protagonist Arthur Morgan, who is an outlaw and also a member of a dangerous gang. He has to deal with the fall of the Wild West while also trying to survive against the government and other rival gangs.

The best part of this game is it can be played through both first and third-person perspectives. This game allows the player to roam around the interactive open world.

It includes scenarios like wild shootouts, robberies, hunting and horseback riding. You can interacting with in-game characters, and also maintain your honour rating by making moral choices. This game went on to become the second biggest launch in gaming history by pulling off about US$ 725 million in sales on its opening weekend.

  1. Grand Theft Auto V

No need for any introductions here. This is hands down, the most popular open world game in the world. Released in 2013, this game broke all sales records of the industry, earning the title of being the fastest-selling entertainment product in history, earning $800 million on its first day and $1 billion in just three days!

The plot of the single-player story is about three protagonists, who are a robber named Michael De Santa, a gangster called Franklin Clinton, and a drug dealer named Trevor Philips. They attempt to perform heists while also running from government agencies and powerful gangsters. The open world game design allows you to freely roam the world of San Andreas.

  1. The Witcher 3 

This game is named the “Wild Hunt”. This 2015 action game has been developed and published by CD Project. This game as a sequel to the game The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings in 2011. This game is set in an open world with a third-person point of view.

You are allowed to battle a lot in the game with weapons and magic, you can also interact with non-player characters, and accomplish missions to acquire experience points and gold.The game has three possible endings, that depends on the choices made by at important points in the game.

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